Male cross dresser sentenced to prison, taxi driver who attempted to rape him set free

Meet Wisdom a young man who is also known as the lady Donado Lizzy on Facebook .

Wisdom who has succeeded in obtaining cash and gift items from men he met online, Wisdom who has built for himself a house and a shop with the money he got from his online admirers ran out of luck when a taxi driver who though he was a young lady tried to rape her.

After the driver discovered that he was a girl, the driver alerted a Police Patrol Team that was passing by.

Now here is where the gist gets interesting…..

Instead of the Ghanaian Police to arrest the taxi driver for attempted rape, Wisdom was arrested for being a cross dresser.

Who know who the taxi driver’s next victim will be and if it will actually be a woman ?

Wisdom was arrested and sentenced to prison while the taxi man remained a free man.

Taxi driver and Wisdom
Wisdom as Donado Lizzy on his Facebook profile
Wisdom aka Lizzy

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