Rivers State Government lied, they did nothing for Mrs Blankson wife of Joe Blankson who saved 13 people from drowning but died while trying to save more

Four months ago, we reported the story of Joe Blankson a man who gave his life while trying to save others and the Rivers State government who offered to help the family he left behind.

Promises of a job and other financial assistance were made by the Rivers State government but till date just like every other promises made by government they weren’t fulfilled .

News reaching us from Osula Daniel as written below shows that the family he left behind is still trying to survive as the government didn’t give any support like they promised.

Osula Daniel :

This should concern every well meaning Nigerian.

I used this picture as my profile picture for about a month, paying last respect to late Mr Blankson, who died while attempting to save the 14th child. He had already saved 13 children from a capsized boat. He was the only casualty as boat drivers and others stepped in to save the rest kids.

The news made round and we all mourned his demise, applauding his heroic gestures and sacrificing his life to save 13 others. I personally tagged him the Jesus of those kids.

Today, I was contacted by someone on Facebook who had noticed I used his picture for quite sometime, asking me if I would be interested in the welfare of the family he left behind; his wife and kids. She was on admission in the hospital and overheard a conversation from close to the wife of the deceased.

Apparently, Mrs Mercy Blankson didn’t get anything from all the promises that graced newspapers and social media pages. She was surviving with her kids however way. To confirm this story, she shared her (Mrs Mercy) contact with me and I immediately called to hear from the horse’s mouth.

Mrs Blankson confirmed the story true and told me she was surviving ‘by god’s grace’, and that her mother in-law, mother of the deceased, was the one at the fore front to claim whatever was meant in her husband’s honor. She said she had no jobs and that series of people had been calling with mouth watering promises and that after condolences, everyone moved on. It seems as though Nigerians have forgotten about the heroism of her husband and have left his family to their fate.

I asked her permission to make her story public and also reached out to Mr Bura-Bari Nwilo who I know lives in port harcourt, the same city she resides in. I also shared her contact with him to enable him do a follow up and meet with her in person.

I do not know the man or his wife and kids, but I feel together, there is a lot we can do for this woman in our own little way, to pass a message across that his sacrifice was not effort wasted. I am only making this post with the hope that she can be contacted and helped. To those of you resident in port hacourt, if there is anything you can do for her, kindly reach out and I will give you her number. I had told her to expect calls from strange numbers, and I am hoping she will get calls from people with genuine and humane intentions to render help. Be it the offer of a job, monetary aid or to support the kids through scholarship. Every effort will be appreciated. If for nothing, 13 lives are well worth it and I am counting on you guys to develop genuine interest. I have also spoken to Ma’am Olu Bunmi about it.

This is a clear indication that the media feeds us with lies. It trended all over the place of all the help family was getting, but apparently, this is not the case.

RIP to the dead.

We hope Governor Wike of Rivers State redeems the promise he made to the poor widow of Mr Blankson

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