Nigerians mourn while President Buhari campaigns for second tenure as over 100 soldiers are killed by Boko Haram

The whole country have been thrown into mourning after the news of over hundred soldiers in Metele Bornu State were murdered by Boko Haram filtered in,

“As I am talking to you now, we have about 70 corpses of soldiers littering the battleground in Metele and when we went to evacuate them on Monday, the Boko Haram gunmen came out in large numbers from all angles – so we had to abandon the corpses after just picking five of them. We left most of the corpses there as I am talking to you now.

“Our morale has been dampened so badly – not only because we are not given our due allowances; but for the fact that we have been outgunned by the Boko Haram.”

-A survivor from Boko Haram attack speaking to journalists

Video of the attack

The Nigerian president has been silent and is yet to send a message of condolence to family members of the slain soldiers.

His SA media posted pictures of the president as he received delegates of APC from Benue state, this is part of the campaign preparation for his 2019 re-election.

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