Comic book writer Stan Lee is dead.

Popular marvel comics writer Stan Lee passed on at the age of 92 yesterday.

Stan Lee is the creator of most of the marvel characters like Spiderman, Incredible hulk, etc.

All comic lovers have taken out their time to pay respect to the Legend.

Thank you Stan Lee for making my childhood great.

The life he lived is a reminder for us to follow our dreams no matter what.

Remember ‘Black Panther’ that every Nigerian and Blacks were going crazy over the movie and all that Wakanda shit? It was created by a white dude Stan Lee. Other characters created by him includes:
• Ancient One
• Avengers
• Beast
• Black Panther
• Black Widow
• Captain Marvel
• Cyclops
• Daredevil
• Doctor Strange
• Fantastic Four
• Groot
• Hawkeye
• Hulk
• Human Torch
• Iceman
• Invisible Woman
• Iron Man
• Jean Grey
• Mister Fantastic
• Nick Fury
• Professor X
• Quicksilver
• Scarlet Witch
• Spider-Man
• Thing
• Thor
• Wasp
• X-Men

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