“It’s not the role of the man to cook” Yoweri Musveni President of Uganda

Ugandan President YoweriMuseveni has come under fire after saying that it isn’t the role of a man to cook and he’s never stepped into his kitchen since he
got married.
Punch reports that Museveni, speaking in a statement on Sunday, said:

The head of the home never goes into the kitchen. It is now 45 years with Mama Janet , I have never stepped into the kitchen. That is how it should be.
Women in the country have however criticized him for his comments. Winnie Byanyima, Oxfam’s International Executive Director, said:
Cooking isn’t a woman’s job. It’s a life skill. All people
– men and women should cook.
When cooking, cleaning and doing other domestic chores are left to women, they are denied an equal
chance to raise incomes or to be politically active. Beatrice Alaso, a member of Forum For Democratic Change, an opposition party in the country, said:

Musveni has revealed to the world what he has always believed in, that women can never be the same as their male counterpart.

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