Love And Hip Hop Star ”Spice” Bleaches Her Skin


Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta’ star Spice shared a new Instagram pic with fans on Oct. 22, but her controversial makeover had some fans VERY upset.

“Nothing wrong with a fresh start” Spice, 36, said on Oct. 22 when sharing a new selfie of herself, but the comment may have been the understatement of the century. The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star debuted an entire new look on Instagram with the pic, and fans aren’t happy about it. The photo depicts the reality star as having much lighter skin than usual, and her followers did not hold back when telling her their feelings on the shocking transformation! “Who dat? Please tell me that’s not spice???” one said of the unrecognizable pic. “If you really did bleach your skin you definitely played yourself smh,” another wrote.

The photo was supposed to serve as a teaser for the her new mixtape, Captured, but fans could not see past the shocking disparity between this photo and older photos of the star. “Please tell me this isn’t real,” one said beneath the image. “Why would you do this shit sad as f–k,” another lamented. But – some fans still showed the singer love, while focusing on the larger problem of white washing in society. “I hate society and how they make our people feel like they have to do stuff like this. Spice I love you regardless! Don’t let society do this to u. (hope it’s not real)” one said. A true few still had Spice’s back!

Spice wasn’t joking about her “fresh start” remark though. The reality star deleted every other post on her Instagram page aside from her latest. While she has yet to address the issue, the shock value of her post definitely has drawn attention to her new music. “My mixtape is ready for pre-order today on all platform. Pre-order yours and tag me #Captured,” she added in the caption of her post.

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