”Nnamdi Kanu is a thieving bigot” -Eunice Atuejide


Presidential candidate of the National Interest Party (NIP), Eunice Atuejide has claimed that Nnamdi Kanu sudden appearance is to work for President Muhammadu Buhari reelection.

Writing across all her social media pages, Atuejide described Kanu as a “deceitful, thieving, conniving, self centred bigot.” And alleged that President Buhari is Kanu’s “paymaster”.

Kanu was spotted in Jerusalem, one year after he went missing following the invasion of his Umuahia home by security agents.

Atuejide wrote on Instagram:
You see ehn, my Igbo brothers and sisters can be very blind and somewhat hard to reach.

Nnamdi Kalu is a deceitful, thieving, conniving, self centred bigot! He is not interested in the Igbo people at all! Na im pocket the guy con here con settle, nothing more….???? So, they brought the Python Dance to ala Igbo, and Mr. Kalu evaporated into thin air. They even made a big show of the demands to produce him etc.

Now that elections are nearing, he resurfaces. And he will surely tell a brave tale of his miraculous escape from the pythons. Ala gba gbu kwa gi there this guy!???? Next we know now, he will be telling the undiscerning Igbos not to come out an masse to vote out Buhari.

Results: Buhari – his PAY MASTER – wins the election in 2019 with his sure banker 6 million votes from the North and South West. GOD FORBID! Not on my watch biko!

Your evil plans will not work!

Chop your money oh, enjoy your life in Jerusalem or wherever on earth they settled you at, but leave our country out of your evil schemes.

Ndi Igbo will turn out enmasse and vote against your PAY MASTER (Muhammadu Buhari) if it’s the last thing I achieve.

Nonsense!???? #ANigeria4All

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