Nigerian lady calls out man who preys on single mothers and steals from them

Time seems to be up for for a certain young man known as Fleming Olaitan, according to a post made on facebook by AI Mercigrace, Fleming uses his being a single father to sweet talk single mothers into going into a relationship with him , he uses his manipulative ways to get money and material things from them, as it stand now Fleming is yet to deny the allegations , he only appealed that his daughter should be left out of it.

A.I Mercigrace wrote:

Uncle Fleming Olaitan is a man who uses his single fatherhood to make women think he has sense but when you really get close to him, you will discover the devil is learning work where this man is.

He watches out for single women and single mothers who either get tagged in thank you post or have good rapport with people on his mutual friend list or are very outspoken .

So in January, uncle Waltz into my inbox saying hello and asking for help . I told him I was broke and could not help him. Later on we began to chat, with him acting like he just wanted to be friends. Then suddenly he tells me one of his friends Sunday Afolabi who I dont know from Adam said and I quote “That you snub him on your post and you never acknowledged his comment on your posts. he tried chatting you up yet no reply”

I was shocked as I have never come across his friend, anyway that’s how the story started and this guy cooked lies that were hotter than Iya Basira’s hot pepper stew.

I realised he is a liar and manipulative man so i gave him plenty distance. He tried every line of 21st century washing with me but I refused to take the bait. After a while I gave him very cold and monologue responses when he tried to talk to me and he used his own hand to unfriend me.

I only discovered today after reading Abisoye’s post that I realised he was the one she subbed, and when I went to check my messenger to show her his messages, I realised he had blocked me. I can’t prove it but I strongly suspect when he saw my post I made about someone stealing Abisoye Eyinju Ege Fadayiro phone for me, he realised me and her a very good friends so guy man sharply blocked me.

From what I know this guy is a smooth talker. He will try to find your weak point by presenting as an angel. He targets single mothers because he feels they are desperate and therefore vulnerable. He targets women that come across as outspoken and bold because he thinks they are lonely and need a shoulder to cry on. I have never had anyone practically try to use direct words to cajole me into being their friend.

Uncle Fleming please dont let stupidity worry you , if you or any of your friends call me a liar, I will bring screenshots and screen videos and send to a blog to use to carry your matter.
Go to a corner, repent, apologise to all the women on this space you have lied to and manipulated to either get their affections or material gifts and change your ways.

Dont be bloody unfortunate to force my hand because I will post every damn conversation we had including the lies you told me and including the ones you told Abisoye and any of your innocent victim who comes forward.

PS: Nobody, I repeat nobody should post his picture here, I refuse to give him any reason to play the victim card.http://


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Fleming’s reply;

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