How a mad man fought a Keke driver for me – Nsikak Effiong

Nigerian Facebook celebrity took to her facebook page this morning to narrate how a mad man fought a Keke driver who tried to abscond with her #1000.

She wrote:

A mad man fought a keke driver for me yesterday. I told the driver I was with N1000 before entering his ride. He checked and said I should enter.

My change should have been N950 but I was ready to collect N900.

On getting to my bus stop. He started shouting and was trying to bully me, telling me he doesn’t have change to give me. He was about driving off with my N1000.
The driver’s plan all along. I don’t know where the NAKED mad man with a dangling penis came from. He held the keke. Dragged the N1000 from his hands and handed it to me. I left the money, picked race and entered someone’s shop.

It wasn’t funny yesterday.

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