How Yoruba moms assist their sons(Yoruba demons) in deceiving young girls

Popular Facebook celebrity and author of the book ‘leave to live’ have taken to her facebook page to advise young girls to beware of their boyfriends’ mothers who usually plays the devil advocate.

She wrote :

I don’t know if other tribes do this shait, but I know that it is quite common amongst some of my peeps – mothers of Yoruba demons aka ‘Iya oko bonvita’*. Let’s call them – Pamela.

Pamela, you know your Yoruba demon son has numerous girlfriends and has introduced them all to you. He brings each new girl to you and you make each girl feel that she is the only one that you know about. You start calling her ‘iyawo mi’ – my wife. Each girl, visits you with foodstuff and lace and money and cooks and cleans after you. She treats you the same way she treats her mother. She might even treat you better than she treats her mother probably because she is desperate for marriage.

You lap it up Pamela.

Then, when your Yoruba demon son confides in you about the one he really wants of all these girls, you do the dirty work for him. You tell each individual girl to come with you to ori oke** to pray that God ties your son to her and removes his wondering eyes from outside. You give each individual girl hope that it is her ‘candidacy’ that you support.

The wise ones of the girls will not go with you (as per how can you love her more than your son na? How?) and you use that as the reason why your son won’t marry her. She is too arrogant. Who does she think she is?

The not so wise ones will go with you out of respect or even out of stupidly believing that you love them. You both go to ori oke and the prophet you have connived with, sees vision that she is not the wife for demonboy. You use that as the reason why your son can’t marry her and you pray for her to find her own bone.

You have done the dirty job for demonboy, paving the way for him to marry one and continue to ‘Filanda’ outside.

Pamela WHY!!!???

Why Pamela? Repent before you get a spiritual hot slap from God.

*Iya Oko Bonvita – Bournvita mother in law. MIL who is easily bribed by any girl the son brings. After a Yoruba film of the same name.

**Ori Oke – mountain or hill top.”

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