Cristiano Ronaldo Accuser Speaks Publicly About Alleged 2009 Rape, Files Civil Suit in Nevada

An American woman claims ⁦legendary footballer Cristiano⁩ Ronaldo raped her and allegedly paid 375,000 US dollars through his legal team to silence her. Although Ronaldo has denied the claim, the woman named Kathryn said she had documents to back up her accusation of the rape which happened in 2009.


By Nick Greene

An American woman who accused Cristiano Ronaldo of rape in 2009 is speaking publicly about the incident for the first time. In an interview with German publication Der Spiegel, Kathryn Mayorga details the alleged assault, which she reported to police nine years ago in Las Vegas and which eventually resulted in an out-of-court settlement between the two parties. Ronaldo agreed to pay Mayorga $375,000, and she signed a non-disclosure agreement. Mayorga is now looking to void the previous settlement, and she filed a civil suit against the soccer star in Nevada last week.

Ronaldo’s claim has been that he and Mayorga had consensual sex. In a Reuters story from Friday, one of Ronaldo’s lawyers called Der Spiegel’s report “blatantly illegal” and threatened to sue the German publication.

The original Der Spiegel story is in German, and the magazine has published an abridged English version with Mayorga’s account. She says she met Ronaldo at Rain nightclub in the Palms Casino Resort. Later, Mayorga and her friend joined up with Ronaldo and his party and went to his penthouse suite at the Palms. There, she says, he pulled her into a bedroom and anally raped her while she protested and told him “no.”

Mayorga filed a police report the next day and was examined at a nearby hospital. She did not initially name Ronaldo as her assaulter, but described him to authorities as a professional athlete. According to Der Spiegel, she retained the services of a lawyer who “advised her not to go public.” Her attorney at the time contacted Ronaldo’s legal team, and the two parties hashed out a settlement during the following months.

Der Spiegel first reported about the settlement in 2017, while Mayorga was still anonymous. She has since retained a new lawyer, Leslie Mark Stovall, who argues that Mayorga “was not competent.

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