Meet the Nigerian artist who does not sell her paintings to ‘yahoo boys’

According to the Facebook page Humans of New York, the Nigerian artist known as Jekein Lato Unah whom they met when they paid a visit to Lagos last week told them how she refused to make a living by selling her artwork to scammer popularly known as yahoo boys.

Here’s what she said :

“They’re called Yahoo Boys. The name comes from the old days when they used Yahoo email accounts to scam people. I first started seeing them when I went to the University of Lagos. They form little gangs. They travel in convoys where all the cars are the same color. They’re always on their laptops. These days a lot of them are legitimized. They rent office space. They refer to their targets as ‘clients.’ They start charities. They put their fraud money into other businesses. Some of them have Instagram accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers. They post pictures of their cars and clothes. They never mention where they got their money– but everyone knows. A lot of them buy art from me. Since a lot of their scams are emotional fraud, they’ll even ask me for advice on things that women would say in a relationship. Or they’ll ask me to pick up their phone and pretend to be a secretary. I never participate. Recently I’ve even stopped selling them paintings. It’s cost me a lot. But I can’t take their money without feeling complicit

(Lagos, Nigeria)

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