Buhari addressed an empty hall at UN General Assembly (video)

According to eye witnesses who attended the ongoing UNGA, the speech given by President Buhari appeared to be the lowest and uninspiring.

People who were present barely paid attention, from the video it looks like he was practically inaudible, it didn’t take much time into his speech before people started walking away.

See the video below :

Another eye witness by the name Simon Ateba had this to say about Buhari’s speech :

“I met Buhari and Obasanjo in New York, and I can tell you this Buhari is not and will never be Obasanjo. Buhari read his speech at the General Assembly in New York, no one heard him. No one could hear what the man was saying. The reason you could hear him and I could hear him was because what you were listening to at home was broadcast. I had to use headphones even though I was in the hall to hear him. It was shocking. I will show you the video that I captured. People were walking out or doing their things. My colleague later asked me whether Buhari could not talk. It was so different when the President of France and others were there, giving the same speech. But Obasanjo has a presence that is difficult to ignore. At a gathering yesterday, when it was his time to talk, he stole the show. First of all, he disagreed with everyone, with the entire world! He said it is always repeated that health is wealth. I completely disagree with that. Health is not wealth. But health is everything, including wealth. Obasanjo continued. There was a rich man, he said, not quoting him word for word, who was never satisfied, then he got old, and lost his health and money and power and influence could not restore it. Then he realized he had the greatest gift on earth. Health. So he said he would end where he started, that health is not wealth, but health is everything, including wealth. People applauded, some stood up. Baba may have his scandals. But Baba is not Buhari. Forget the things Femi Adesina is dishing out. How Buhari unfolded Nigerian agenda here. There was nothing like that. Buhari is an uninspiring man, who does not grip attention. His so called charisma is just a myth, seeing him face to face, there is nothing. But Baba is baba!”

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