This fashion show featured models with three Ьreasts

Milan Fashion Week may have found its most daring look yet.

Just days after a model hit the catwalk with a breast pump, Italian fashion brand GCDShas delivered the most unexpected accessory of Spring 2019: the prosthetic breast.

Models wearing prosthetics sandwiched between their own breasts stormed the GCDS runway. They also rocked a series of barely there crop tops and sports bras paired with shorts, harnesses, and leg warmers during the label’s eyebrow-raising show.

Many compared the look to the sci-film Total Recall, which featured a sex worker character who exposed her three-breasted chest.

Italian fashion brand GCDS offered up some triple-breasted threats in their fashion show. (Photo: Getty Images)

The bizarre prosthetics were seemingly supposed to give a look into what human bodies could look like in the future. Are you ready?

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