Prison guards find $18 million worth of cocaine inside boxes of donated bananas

“I know there are several entities investigating and it’s a pretty significant find for them,” said Jeremy Desel, of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Desel said a unit near Freeport, TX, was offered a couple pallets of bananas as a donation.

Two sergeants went to the port to pick them up and made the discovery.

“One of the sergeants noticed one of the boxes didn’t seem quite right, looked a little further removed that box off one of the pallets looked inside and saw something extraordinarily suspicious,” Desel said.

Inside 45 boxes under the bundles of bananas were also 540 kilos of cocaine.

U.S. customs and Drug Enforcement Administration agents responded and seized the drugs.

“It’s a very significant seizure,” said Wendell Campbell of the DEA.

The disguise is called a coverload, Campbell said.

Police have also found heroin hidden in a car axle, re-sealed iced tea cans containing liquid meth and meth attached to functioning car rims.

“To give it the appearance of being something legit when the whole time there are real method is to move that drug into the local area,” Campbell said.

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