“A disrespectful man is a disrespectful man bride price or not” Amara Nwoko replies Adichie

Popular Facebook commentator Amara Nwoko took to her facebook page to reply Chimamanda Adichie.

Adichie who pushed for the movement for abolishing bride price over the weekend at a ‘meet and greet’ with young Nigerians.

Below is what Ms Amara wrote:

See, a man who doesn’t respect a woman will not respect her with or without bride price.. Bride price is basically a symbolic act that indicates that families have been brought together..

How much do you think a man can pay for a woman’s life for goodness sake? Talk about fairness during bride price negotiations that’s what we should bother our head. Meanwhile, I retain the family of the bride should be held responsible if there’s an annoying bride list.
All you feminists that chant bride price should be scrapped beginning from your leader Ms. Adichie please you all should return yours first.. If you’re a married woman and you’re chanting bride price is a crime this and that or it indicates slavery.. Walk your talk.. Go to your umunna, call the umuada.. Call your husband’s people return the bride price then I Amarachi will take you serious but for now you’re making noise..

For goodness sake we have important issues about the girl child in Africa and bride price isn’t one.. Can you all focus on solving important issues for the girl child in the name of your feminism instead of making noise and making this ideology look like a gender, bitter battle? I’m tired of you all..
My bride price will be paid, my daughters will be paid.. None is going to scrap it..

MS. Adichie hasn’t told us what she has done for the girl child in Africa.. Let her keep dictating for you what to do with your life.. One foundation for girl child she doesn’t have but every month she reminds women of this and that..
The last time I checked.. if you want a change, be the change.. let her start showing her work instead of talking alone.. These empty talks without action makes her look noisy and petty to me.. If it’s not LGBT, it’s reminding us we had lesbians in Igbo land, or she’s telling us about why chivalry is wrong or which name a woman should bear first.. Odiegwu.. Noisy, noisy, noisy..

I dare you feminists that are against bride price.. Go to your various village markets and squares.. Gather all those oldies and tell them what you want.. If you don’t do this, then bow your head in shame and stop blabbing.. Walk your talk for once..

If you like come here to fight on her behalf, I respect her intelligence but at same time I criticise her radical noisy feminism. I don’t hate her, in fact I called my niece chimamanda because I admired Ms. Adichie but this her feminism is becoming too noisy and irrelevant and I don’t do blind followership..

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