#WhyIDidntReport: Sexual assaults victims reveal why they didn’t report their abuse

A new hashtag #WhyIDidn’tReport has given sexual assaults victims an opportunity to speaking up and explain why they didn’t report the abuse when it happened.

The #WhyIDidntReport has surged to the top of Twitter’s trending list following comments made by President Donald Trump early Friday that cast doubts on sexual assault allegations brought against his Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, by Christine Blasey Ford.

Trump tweeted:

 “I have no doubt that, if the attack on Dr. Ford was as bad as she says, charges would have been immediately filed with local Law Enforcement Authorities by either her or her loving parents. I ask that she bring those filings forward so that we can learn date, time, and place!”

Following his tweets, rape survivors, male and female, all began tweeting about their rape and why they didn’t report.

Emmy Award Winning Journalist, Thomas Roberts, who works with CBS46, shared his own rape story, tweeting:

“I waited over 20 years to report my sexual abuser. Because I was 14. Because it was my hero. Because it was my priest. Because I thought I’d be expelled. Because I feared no one would believe me. Because I thought suicide was easier than telling 1 person #WhyIDidntReport”

Ali, a political advocate, also lent his voice to the hashtag, writing:

“I waited over 10 years to report my abuser. I was 11 or 12. He was a family friend. A father of 4. He dominated me and it had me scared. I was embarrassed how I could remember his smell and sweat. His whole family was home. Who would believe me? #WhyIDidntReport”

Below are some of the revelations made with #WhyIDidntReport.

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