“Batteries are a girl’s best friend” – Tiffany Haddish talks vibrators on The Late Show

Tiffany Haddish has said that vibrators has been her companion for awhile.

The actress and comedienne said while promoting her new movie Night School with Kevin Hart on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

Haddish, 38, revealed that she hasn’t been dating, and her ‘personal relationships haven’t been that good,’ but she has been ‘keeping up’ with some other ‘friends’ of hers.

‘But I have been keeping up with my weighted blanket and my toys that I get off of Groupon,’ Haddish said. ‘And batteries! Batteries are a girl’s best friend,’ the comedienne added.

While she doesn’t come right out and say she’s referring to a vibrator, the actress joked, ‘I like how the band is looking at me, trying to figure out, what is she talking about?’
When Colbert pressed her about what a ‘weighted blanket’ is, she went on to describe how it’s filled with possibly sand, and if you ‘spray a little cologne over it and throw it over your arms and it feels like a man.

‘Then you open up your nightstand drawer, put your batteries in…and go to sleep,’ Haddish added, much to the delight of the cheering crowd.

Colbert then joked that Haddish was referring to her ‘reading light’ while the actress added that you don’t have to talk to the weighted blanket or cook it breakfast.

The always-outspoken Haddish also tried to get Colbert to join a Facebook group called ‘Beard Gang, while commenting on his beard.

When the host said his wife wants the beard gone because it’s too rough, Haddish asked to touch it, she agreed it was too rough, telling Colbert, ‘You need to condition it, put some coconut oil in it.’

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