Babcock University Staff calls the Igbo people “Bastards of Nigeria”

A staff of Babcock University by the name Alaba Ajibola took to the comment section of a post made on facebook by Daniel Obasi to revel in the hatred he has for the Igbo people.

He said the Igbos are the people behind problem that has bedeviled Nigeria and wished that they were wiped out during the war, he also used pictures of children who suffered malnutrition during the Civil War which took place between 1967-1970 to make a mockery of the Igbos.

He went further to state that there’s a plan being made to chase the Igbos into the water where they will drown to death, bear in mind that the Oba of Lagos State had made such threat pre 2015 general elections, we the elections coming up, could it be that Mr. Ajibola knows something that we don’t know?

Below are the screen shots :

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