Nigerian lady gives testimony on how she was saved from a serial killer in the USA.

A Nigerian lady by the name Princess Ella took to her Facebook timeline to say how she was save from a certain young man by the name Dayton.

Read her…

  1. “Hey guys! I have a very big testimony?? sometime around last year I met this young man named Drayton at the subway in Brooklyn (Franklin Avenue to be precise)…he helped me hold the door while I was trying to get on the train when it was abt moving. He was very well dressed and had a lot of manners. We sat by each other and chatted all the while till we got to our stop…surprisingly he got off at my stop and asked for my number before we parted ways??‍♀️ I obliged coz he was charming and respectful? he kept on inviting me to go out with him (including bbq’s and concerts always at night) which I declined every single time he asked coz I was always tired after work…Today my brothers and sisters I saw this guy on some facebook news that he has killed 7 girls he met online?????? I was shocked to my bones how God kept me busy not to go on any kinda dates with this young man!!! Please help me thank God?”.

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