Russian sisters stab their father to death for ‘physically and sexually abusing’ them for years

Three Russian sisters teamed up to hack to death their “tyrannical” dad who allegedly abusing them physically and sexually

Kristina 19, Angelina 18 and Maria, 17 were detained and charged with murder in Moscow and are facing jail term of up to 15 years, The Sun reports.



Their father Mikhail Khachaturyan, 57, was found with dozens of stab wounds near a lift inside the family’s home in Moscow, Russia.

Local media reports the sisters admitted jointly killing their father, claiming they suffered years of appalling abuse.

Kristina told police: ”We hated him and we wanted just one thing to happen – either that he disappeared or that we never knew him… We wanted him just to go away and never come back.”
It’s been reported that on the day of the attack, their dad was threatening them with a knife when one of the sisters grabbed the knife and stabbed him. The other sisters then joined in the attack.

The Mirror reports that friends and neighbors claimed the father was tyrannical and that the sisters’ mother left him because of his abuse.

One family friend said she knew that at least one girl had been ”sexually abused”.She said: “He was always beating them. Once he took them to a forest and threatened to kill them.

The mother ran away from him, he banned all communication with her. The father was linked to the criminal world, he was a kind of mafia boss. He never worked, and just received some payments on his credit card.”

Russian online news Channel 112 reported that it had evidence that one of the sisters was forced to have oral sex with him.

“The sister tried to commit suicide. After the sexual attack, she took a lot of pills but was rescued by doctors. The father persuaded the medics that it was not a suicide attempt but just a mistake,” the report said.

There is also an alleged recording where the deceased threatened the sisters saying:

“You will suck all the time if you don’t go away. And if you go away, I will find you, you whores. All of you are whores, and you will die as whores.

If you just take a risk… your mother did not take a risk. I will f*** you and you will regret it. You won’t have time to regret.

I will beat you for all, I will kill you. Go away, go away, don’t push me to sin.

The teenagers have been charged with murder and could face up to 15 years in jail.

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