A lady on facebook Oge Nwaanyị Neni narrated how her adopted brother was killed by a Parish Priest 18 years after they were told that he was shot by armed robbers.

She wrote :

The story behind the death of our adopted brother who died 18years ago was revealed today😭😭😭

We only knew armed robbers invaded the parish house where he was newly posted and shot him during an attack.

Okay! This is hard…

They church told us that after robbing the parish priest, they proceeded to his room and shot him while robbing him because he refused to comply with them.

He was ordained sometime around October 1999 and was posted to the parish after his ordination. In November same year (barely one month after his ordination and posting), it was on an all souls day (Nov. 2nd) he celebrated the last mass for the day and they all went to bed.
Around 3am they came, they robbed him, checked around and saw no traces of no one else. They left.

After a while he went up to check on the parish priest and be sure he wasn’t harmed, not knowing that the Parish priest and the two seminarians on apostolic work has a hide out where they stay whenever there is such attack. Being a new priest to the parish, he wasn’t told yet about the hide out so he was the only person they saw and robbed.
On entering the room, the parish priest thinking it was the robber, shut him.
He died 2 hours after they couldn’t rush him to hospital due to “tension” and fear that the armed robbers where still around.

He died.

They told us the robbers killed him.
They told us he was rushed to hospital immediately but died on their way to the hospital.
They concealed his death and the circumstances surrounding his death.

Wow! The church tells lies too? Wow!

One of the seminarians opened up to my sister, he also said the the parish priest died 7 months after his burial.

When my brother died, my mum literally died. He was her only son and being a lover of religion, He was her only hope to the fulfillment of her promise to God according to her.

I knew him as a child. My G. Ọ. D (That’s what we call him)
He was the best big brother anyone could ever have.
He made me so many unfulfilled promises….
I still remember his face without looking at his picture.
His name…
The name he calls me.
Wow! This life is a pot of beans.

Just wow!

They just came here to remind me about everything. This feeling isn’t good at all.

I feel like a woman the doctor called back to the hospital to cut open her stitched wound.

Dear G. O. D,

I still miss you.
Keep resting Nwanne. I never forgot I had you.


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